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EFT Setup Form

EDI Contact:

Email Address:

EDI Contact Number:

Supplier Number(s)1:

EDI Email Address:

Company Name:

Is your JCPenney account factored:


Phone Number:

Cash Mgmt/Treasury Contact:


Bank Name: 

Street Address:

Bank Phone Number:


Checking Account Number:** Savings Account info won't be accepted

Zip Code: 
Bank ABA Number:


Name of Controller or Treasurer to send copy of form to:

Remittance Version2:

Email Address of Controller or Treasurer:



This form must be used for all EFT setups, unless otherwise authorized by the Salt Lake City Accounting office.

Note: If your company is factored, please use your factors banking information.

1) Use a comma to separate supplier numbers.

2) CCD+: Funds are sent to your bank and the Remittance Advice is sent out separately via EDI to your network provider. CTX: Funds and the Remittance Advice are sent together through the banking system to your bank as one file. This option is not available for all trading partners and has size limitations. This limitation is based on NACHA standards.

Send inquiries regarding the information on this page to