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jcpenney Contacts for Supplier Inquiries

To assist you in doing business with jcpenney, please use the information below to find the department and method of communication to use when you have questions.





Accounts Payable Support

  • Non-delivery, carton content shortages, and invoice discrepancy charge backs
  • EDI invoicing, EFT, electronic payment statements.
  • General accounting or billing procedures.

To open a Action Request,call AP Support or use the Action Request form.Keep the AR number for future reference.If you need   additional assistance,request AP support to escalate your AR number



Bar Code Graphics

  • UCC-128 label testing and implementation.
  • UCC-128 label offsets.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • Technical assistance.
  • Document tracking.
  • Testing & implementation.


Factory Ship (Supplier-Direct-To-Consumer)

For questions regarding the Factory Ship(Supplier-Direct-to-Consumer)program, order processing and shipping requirements.

FlexPLM-  Indirect Supplier Training & Support

Indirect Supplier training is conducted upon request from your jcpenney brand management team


For system FlexPLM support, contact 972-431-6900 to open an incident report

Supplier Support

  • Catalog & Retail ASN related offsets.
  • Catalog & Retail on-time shipment offsets.
  • Retail Floor Ready Offsets.
  • Scorecard Compliance Metric Questions.

Shipment Packaging

  • Protective Packaging.
  • Floor Ready Hanger Program


Purchase Order Management (POM)

  • POM process.


Purchasing / NFR (Not-For-Resale)



  • NFR shipping label requirements and routing guidelines




Quality and Sourcing

Shipping Transportation Support

  • Routing Guideline Transportation Procedures.
  • Offsets for Shipping Instruction Violations (including UPS requirements).
  • Commercial Zone Policy.


  • Loss & Damage claims.
  • Questions on Proof of Shipment Requests.



Supply Chain

For information and inquiries regarding supply chain not covered by the listed contacts.


Supplier Scorecard Financial Metrics


Contact your jcpenney buyer

Contact the help desk for technical issues



Supplier Web Site.


  • New Supplier Registrar Access.

Each supplier is required to have a single registrar who controls access for that supplier's representatives, including removal of former contacts. The registrar must send an email to their jcpenney buyer with the following information to gain access:Supplier name and number, registrar's name, position, phone,fax and mail.



Transportation Load Management



  • Load Management Center (LMC)



  • Transportation Management System (TMS)

Ticketing Standards
  • Point of Sale and ticketing process and related issues
Private Brand Packaging & Ticketing**

This does not include protective packaging that is removed prior to merchandise being on the sales floor.
  • Packaging and ticketing availability

  • Quality issues with print provider

  • Delivery issues with print provider